Expertise you can rely on

Unlike many tutors you will come across, all members of our team are qualified teacher or experienced tutors.

What’s more, our tutors are all specialists in the subject areas and age groups they teach. They’re also deeply familiar with the Australian curriculum which ensures your child can easily transfer their learning back into the classroom.

Superior and relevant learning material

At Strive, your child will learn using the best digital resources available – all aligned with the Australian school curriculum.

In certain subjects, your child will also receive unlimited access to learning resources for optional extra practice.

Designed for optimum results

While traditional tutors typically offer 45-60 minute lessons once a week, the Strive recommends short 25-minute lessons three times a week.

Research consistently shows that short, frequent bursts of learning deliver better results. Short lessons increase attention and motivation – while repetition increases familiarity, understanding and retention.

No ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach

Strive caters to a broad range of needs, circumstances and academic abilities. So whether your child needs extension, extra support or something in between, we can deliver Strive lessons to suit.

We also understand that some children are visual learners, while others are auditory learners – and our tutors know how to adapt their teaching style for maximum effectiveness.

One-on-one tutoring you can actually afford

If you thought one-on-one tutoring was a luxury you couldn’t afford, think again. With Strive, you pay half what you would expect to pay a traditional tutor.

Traditional tutors who come to your home charge top dollar, which is no wonder given all the costs they need to cover (such as transport and privately sourced teaching materials). However, at Strive, we have no travel costs to factor in – and our tutors are provided with all the materials they need.

Convenient, flexible learning

We know how busy children’s lives can get. With work, school, sport and family commitments, it’s not easy slotting tutoring lessons into the mix.

But with Strive, your child can learn from the comfort of your living room, at times and dates that suit you. What’s more, our chosen technology is compatible with all operating systems and devices – including tablets, laptops and desktops (PC and Mac).

Continuity, rapport and support

At Strive, we believe that continuity and rapport between students and tutors is critical – which is why we encourage your child to work with the same tutor for all their lessons.

We also do whatever we can to support you and your child throughout your Strive learning journey.

Learning that’s enjoyable – and effective

It’s no secret that children engage with challenging material when it is taught in a fun and interactive manner. That’s why Strive has invested so heavily in the quality of its resources – all of which are aligned with the Australian school curriculum.

That said, enjoyment must never come at the expense of results. And our tutors focus on achieving that perfect balance; ensuring your child is always making progress.