• Where it all started

    Strive was founded by two Special Education teachers. That’s us, Hayley Traub and Sharon Branicki.

    Soon after meeting as work colleagues in 2011, we began walking our dogs together, chatting about our families and talking about our kids’ education.

    We soon discovered a common frustration – that so many children who need support can’t access it for a multitude of reasons. So we decided to do something about it.

  • Then the planning began

    During our initial discussions, we quickly realised that combining a personal approach with technology could be the perfect way to give more children the support they need.

    As teachers, we also understood the importance of frequency for retention and improvement. (This is backed up by the latest research. The brain, after all, functions like a muscle.)

    What’s more, as mums of school-aged kids, we were well aware of the strains of family life. So we wanted to offer tutoring that could slot easily into busy weekly routines.

  • Time for a trial

    After months of researching different technologies and resources, we asked our own children to trial our chosen program. With kids in every primary school grade between us, we knew we had the perfect testing ground!

    The short lessons worked brilliantly between after-school activities and homework – and it wasn’t hard to get our kids on board. They knew the sessions were short and sweet and not too taxing on their concentration.

  • The pilot

    Over one summer, we piloted our program to a group of children spanning a cross-section of abilities and backgrounds – and the response was positive.

    We couldn’t be more excited to now offer our program to a wider community of children. We truly believe that education through technology enhances the learning experience. As teachers and mothers, we know this is the answer that so many families have been looking for. It feels great to be sharing it.