The digital world is opening many new possibilities for education – and Strive is excited to be bringing them direct to your living room!
Discover why our program offers all the benefits of traditional tutoring (and more), without the drawbacks.

Strive Online Education Traditional Tutoring
  • Qualified teachers and experienced tutors
Yes! Strive only employs qualified teachers and experienced tutors who are great communicators and experts in their field. They are closely guided by the founders of Strive who are Learning Support teachers. Often school or university students without professional guidance, training or experience with kids.
  • Effective learning through digital resources
Yes! Strive brings tutoring into the 21st century. Strive students are engaged in tailored interactive digital resources that directly target their needs. Resources are often standardised, dated and dull.
  • Designed for optimum results
Yes! Strive teachers use current resources and a delivery system that’s proven to achieve optimum results. Dated resources produce variable results.
  • Frequency of tuition for best retention
Yes! Strive recommends three short bursts of tuition. (Consensus is clear: repetition promotes retention.) Long lessons once a week or fortnight mean concepts are easily forgotten between sessions.
  • Affordable
Yes! Strive is 50% cheaper than most other private tutors. Up to twice the price of Strive lessons (when compared minute-for-minute).
  • Convenient
Yes! Kick off your shoes and have a cuppa! With Strive there’s no need to drive to a tutor. It’s either you travelling forward and back, or you covering the cost of your tutor’s travel time.
  • Flexible learning
Yes! Take your Strive tutor with you anywhere in Australia or across the globe. Tuition takes place at a fixed time and location.
  • Communication
Yes! Strive encourages parents to observe lessons if they wish and engage in ongoing contact with the Strive team. Parents aren’t commonly allowed to watch lessons. Discussion isn’t guaranteed.
  • Strong student-teacher rapport
Yes! Strive offers you the flexibility to change tutors if you’re not happy. If rapport isn’t established, you’re charged with the task of finding another tutor.
  • 24/7 access to resources
Yes! Strive students can access digital resources anytime for extra optional revision. (Homework isn’t necessary as lessons are frequent.) Homework given on top of schoolwork can overload children. An absence of homework doesn’t allow for repetition.
  • Promotes different learning styles
Yes! Strive has been created with the knowledge that digital learning is vivid, creative and gives students a variety of ways to learn and express themselves. Doesn’t always lend itself to different learning styles.