By Admin on April 7th, 2020 in COVID-19.

In some way we are all being affected by COVID-19 whether it is medically, financially or socially.

As schools in Australia are now closed, many parents are working from home and are trying to juggle their own deadlines as well as trying to assist their children with school work tasks.
The most important thing to remember while working from home and trying to help educate your children is that you do not have to put further pressure onto the situation – you do not need to aim for perfection and you do not have to do everything. Bear in mind that what you have previously been able to achieve in a day may look very different to what you now actually achieve. It is therefore important to be intentional each day and to make it a priority to decide what are the most important work tasks and to focus on achieving those.

Take on these challenges by being creative
Navigating these strange circumstances lends itself to becoming creative in how you work. It may mean multitasking – making lunch for the kids and returning phone calls at the same time. Use Ted-Talks to keep your children busy and don’t forget to tell them that they will need to share what they learnt during dinner time. David Attenborough documentaries also allow for children to learn something worthwhile about our planet and wildlife.
As many elderly people are also faced with the challenge of isolation and loneliness at this time, involve them. Ask grandparents or other relations to read your child a story on Facetime or Google Hangouts. This is great bonding time for everyone.

Communicate, celebrate and keep positive
Find time to chat to your children about what they have achieved each day. Praise all efforts and attempts no matter how small they are. Children are more likely to be more productive if they realise that their efforts are being acknowledged. Don’t forget that the way you get through this is up to you, your thoughts, your perceptions and your reactions.

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