By Admin on May 16th, 2020 in COVID-19.

With physical school being replaced by online learning, some kids will thrive. Including those who don’t learn well in a noisy environment. Also, those who need acceleration are likely to thrive.

However, some students who are likely to suffer. Their home learning environment may not be ideal. Their internet may be slow or their parents or carers may not be in a position to help the child’s learning for a multitude of reasons. Others who may struggle are students who struggle to stay organised, to self-regulate, to self-pace, stay motivated, take on tasks and learn independently or those who are not tech-savvy.

While learning goes online, it is crucial to ensure that the gap doesn’t widen and that this doesn’t impact on student learning and subsequently their emotional well-being.

5 tips for parents to best support your kids during school physical school closure:
Be patient – just being there for your child is a lot
Ask the teachers what you can do to help support your kids
(remember teachers are also being stretched)
Take the pressure off! Acknowledge that there may be learning losses till physical school returns.
Help your child remain organised (eg a to-do list for the day on a whiteboard)
Keep to routines.

Strive is here to support you. If you feel that your child will benefit from tutoring be it for additional support or extension, please email

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